Whole-chain Mobile Marketing Platform

With Unique TA Insights

Focus on mobile marketing, the business covers domestic

performance marketing, brand promotion and global

marketing, providing advertisers with professional and

efficient one-stop services.

MobiExchanger Established in 2014, MobiExhanger is the world's leading whole-chain TA marketing service platform. Our main business covers domestic performance marketing, brand advertising and global marketing. Rely on mobile digital marketing ecosystem, we provide with whole-chain marketing solutions for advertisers based on in-depth insights and accurate TA (Target Audience) positioning algorithm for promoting marketing more efficiently. MobiExchanger has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It has successfully completed C rounds of financing,and netted several hundred millions of yuan in April 2017.
Email:marketing@mobiexchanger.com 上海摩邑诚信息技术有限公司  | 沪ICP备14041100号